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JDS - Unibearsity Bear "Bambi" Collection x Traum Thumper Plush Toy (Release Date: Mar 21)

$71.00 USD

Exclusive Unibearsity Bear "Bambi" Collection will be releeased at Japan Disney Store Mar 21~~!!

  • Unibear City appears from Disney's masterpiece "Bambi". Introducing a small-sized Traum stuffed animal inspired by the rabbit Thumper.
  • Its light gray body has slightly longer ears that stand up like a rabbit, and its toes are longer than other bears. Her pink nose and soles add to her cuteness. The tail and chest hair are also fluffy! Thumper's charming point, his front teeth, are indescribably cute. The leaf bow tie is also a design unique to Tonsuke, who lives in the great outdoors. The sole emblem of the "Bambi" series is designed with a flower on the initial "D" of "Disney UniBEARsity".
  • You'll definitely want to get it together with the Metchen stuffed animal (sold separately)! Please enjoy the carefully crafted Traum, which is filled with the character's individuality.
  • Size: Height approx. 22 x width 17 x depth 13(cm)
  • Material: Character body (polyester/acrylic)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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