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JDS - Unibearsity Bear "Bambi" Collection x Blume Flowers Plush Toy (Release Date: Mar 21)

$71.00 USD

Exclusive Unibearsity Bear "Bambi" Collection will be releeased at Japan Disney Store Mar 21~~!!

  • Unibear City appears from Disney's masterpiece "Bambi". Introducing Blume's S-sized stuffed animal with the image of a skunk flower.
  • The beautiful dark gray body resembles a flower, and the fluffy hair, tail, and pattern on the back are the highlights! The eyes are wide and the eyelashes are long, giving it a cute look. Compared to other bears, it has slightly smaller ears and a long nose.
  • She's wearing a flower-like choker with lots of flowers on it♪ Her voluminous white hair is catchy, and the way she looks from the side is perfect for a flower! The sole emblem of the "Bambi" series is designed with a flower on the initial "D" of "Disney UniBEARsity".
  • Please enjoy Blume, which is filled with the character's individuality and is full of attention to detail♪
  • Size: Height approx. 22 x width 16 x depth 18(cm)
  • Material: Character body (polyester/acrylic)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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