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JDS - Miss Bunny ‘Navy Logo’ Size S Tote Bag

$35.00 USD

Exclusive Tote Bag is released at Japan Disney Store!

  • Miss Bunny's design. A small size tote bag with a logo is now available.
  • A stylish tote bag with exquisite color. It's a cute adult design with a character. The alphabet logo is printed with messages that match the character and words that give courage and energizing. " Have a happy day." = "Happy day."
  • Even if you decorate your bag charm ◎. A size that can be used for a little outing or a lunch tote. Although it is a small size, it has plenty of gussets, so it is a safe storage capacity.
  • Size:Height about 22 x width 23.5 x depth 11 (cm)
    Handle (top length of handle from the top of the bag): about 9.5 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    *Open type

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