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JDS - Mickey & Friends Sticky / Notepad Book type

$37.00 USD

Exclusive Sticky / Notepad Book type is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • Mickey & Friends sticky note set with cute retro characters.
  • There are 4 types of index sticky notes and 6 types of square type sticky notes of different sizes. You can choose the size according to the content and purpose of the message. As it is a book type, it is convenient to carry around.
  • A set of sticky notes of various sizes and colors. It is a wonderful stationery that is useful for studying, working, and daily life.
  • Size:
    • Book: Vertical approx. 20 x Horizontal 16 x Thickness 0.5 (cm)
    • Sticky notes (index) Each: Vertical approx. 6.2 x Horizontal 2.3 (cm)
    • Sticky notes (Square small) Each: Vertical approx. 6 x Horizontal 6.3 (cm)
    • Sticky notes (Square large) : Approximately 9.3 x 13.5 (cm)
  • 【Contents】*10 handle

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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