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JDS - Lotso uni Jetstream Multifunctional Pen 4 & 1 0.5 mm

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Exclusive uni Jetstream Multifunctional Pen 4 & 1 0.5 mm is released at Japan Disney Store today~!

  • Lotso's design appears in the addictive smooth writing "Jet Stream" multi-functional pen.
  • Multifunctional pen with 5 functions in 1 pen. Equipped with a four-color ballpoint pen (black, red, blue, green) and a sharp. A ballpoint pen that has the triple threat of smooth writing, clear and thick lines, and quick drying is something you won't be able to do without.
  • Character illustrations are one of the highlights of the design, which is cute and mature♪
  • Size:
    • Package: Length approx. 16.7 x Width 5 x Thickness 2 (cm)
    • Body: Length approx. 14.7 x Diameter 1.3 (cm)
  • Materials: ABS resin, PET
  • [Specifications]
    *Ink colors: black, red, blue, green
    *Ball diameter: 0.5 (mm)
    *Sharp core diameter: 0.5 (mm)
    *Please specify SXR-80-05 for ballpoint pen refills.
    *Please specify a 0.5 (mm) Mitsubishi Pencil uni-core or high uni-core for sharpening refills.
    *Please specify S for the replacement eraser.

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store 

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