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JDS - Lip Case With Mirror Glitter Icon x Ariel

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New & Exclusive Lip Case With Mirror Glitter Icon is released at Japan Disney Store!~

  • Ariel's mirrored lip case.
  • A case where you can carry your favorite cosmetics cutely. Can store stick-type lip balm and lipstick. An adult cute design with a glittering glass shoe motif on the flap. The inner fabric is a total pattern filled with the world view of the work.
  • Comes with a small mirror with a character face on it. It is convenient when you want to repaint quickly ♪
  • Size:
    • Overall length: Approximately 18 (cm)
    • Body: Approximately 11.5 in length x 4.5 in width x 1 (cm in thickness)
    • Mirror: Approximately 4.5 (cm) in diameter x 0.3 (cm) in thickness
  • [Specifications]
    * Snap button opening / closing type

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store


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