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TDR - It's a Small World Collection x Wallpaper

$71.00 USD

Exclusive It's a Small World Collection will be released at Tokyo Disney Resort on April 27 (USA Time)~!

  • Goods with colorful designs that make your time at home fun, and goods with the motif of "It's a Small World" with cute gentle colors are now available!
  • It was fun to ride this ♪ I want to go here again ♪
  • Please spend your time at home feeling happiness like spending time at the park while thinking about various things!
  • Size: Approximately 45 x 125 cm
  • Wall paper designed in the image of the Tokyo Disneyland attraction "It's a Small World" The dull color is cute ♪
  • Enjoy the park feeling at home with the accent of the wallpaper!

Photo Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort


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