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Taiwan Disney Collaboration - MV Alien STEAMCREAM FRIENDS FOR LIFE mini

$33.00 USD

cNew & Exclusive Toy Story STEAMCREAM mini set-FRIENDS FOR LIFE is released in Taiwan Today~~!

  • Disney Toy Story Series
  • Using 100% natural essential oils, gentle moisturizing does not irritate the skin, the steam method has a fine texture and is easy to absorb, and can be wiped on the face, body and hair!
  • Aluminum cans packaging, cute co-branded patterns, the empty cans can be recycled and reused after the contents are used up
  • [Made of natural plant ingredients]
  • Strictly select a variety of natural ingredients from plants, and the content of natural ingredients is as high as 98.5%.
  • In order not to harm the skin and have a moisturizing effect, we use the characteristics of the raw materials as much as possible, supplemented by high-quality plant-based ingredients mainly natural essential oils.
  • With high moisturizing effect and high absorption, it will bring you a real sense of moisture.
  • [Essential oil aroma soothes the mood]
  • The steam cream mixes a variety of essential oils such as lavender, rose, chamomile, and neroli oil in an excellent ratio. It has a fresh fragrance like an English garden, which can relieve stress and tension and soothe your emotions.
  • [The whole body can be used, adults and children can use it]
  • The steam cream can be used by adults and children.
  • The excellent moisturizing power can not only moisturize the face, body, and fingertips, but also moisturize frizzy hair ends and hair.
  • As long as a can is in hand, it will make you supple and tender anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Revolutionary Steam Method】
  • This product is made using the steam method and flexibly uses high-temperature steam to achieve "refreshing texture" and "outstanding absorption", which can be said to be the characteristics of STEAMCREAM.
  • [All kinds of pictures and styles are colorful]
  • With environmental protection concept and colorful aluminum can packaging, the product can be used for storage after use

  • Material: Aluminum can
  • Size:
    Diameter 4.9 cm
    Height 2.4 cm
  • Origin: Japan

Photo Credit: Miravivi

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