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Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo - Sakura 2021

$94.00 USD

This collection will be released on February 15 (Monday, Japan Time - GMT+9).  

SAKURA 2021 Collection designed by the Seattle design team. The goods designed with respect for Japanese culture that loves cherry blossoms and the various expressions of cherry blossoms that fascinate people include cherry blossoms, year numbers, buildings, and so on. Coffee beans etc. are drawn. There are 17 types of SAKURA goods that color your lifestyle, such as tumblers, mugs, blankets, and accessories. 

1 Mug Sakura 355ml
2 Stainless Tumbler Sakura 473ml
3 Double-Wall Glass Pink Sakura 296ml
4 Stainless Steel Strap Bottle Cherry 355ml
5 Handle Glass Cherry 355ml
6 Pleated Mug Cherry Pink 355ml
7 Leather Key Chain Pink Cherry
8 Cooler Bag Navy
9 Northeast Cotton Rug Cherry

Photo Credit: Starbucks Japan Official Website

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