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Starbucks Hong Kong - Reusable Titanium Straw & Cleaning Brush Set - 6mm Rose Gold

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Reusable Titanium Straw & Cleaning Brush Set is now available at Hong Kong Starbucks! There are 2 sizes (6mm and 8mm) and 3 colors (Black, Rose Gold & Silver) for you to choose.

Key Features 
• Food Grade Titanium 
• Rust-Proof 
• Lightweight 

• Straw: Titanium
• Straw Case: PU

• 21cm L x 0.6cm W

Care & Usage
This titanium straw is not a toy, keep out of reach of children. Children should not be allowed to handle or use this titanium straw, even with parental supervision. 

• Please stop using this titanium straw immediately if it is or becomes damaged. 
• Please wash your new titanium straw thoroughly with soapy water before use.
• Since this titanium straw will not bend during use, we advise that this titanium straw should not be used when walking, driving or operating machinery. 
• Improper usage of this straw may cause damage to this titanium straw or injury. 
• This titanium straw is not suitable for hot beverages.
• Do not microwave, hand wash only.

Cleaning Instructions
1. Wash in warm soapy water
2. Push cleaning brush through both ends
3. Rinse under the tap
4. Drain to dry

Photo Credit: Hong Kong Starbucks

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