SHDS - nuiMOs collection - Dedicated Plush Costume x Bee

$32.00 USD
  • Perfect for this season. Cute honey bee costume. It is only for the "cool cute" fashion model "nuiMOs" of the stuffed toy world.
  • Honey bee costume with white touch. It is made of fluffy boa material and feels great. There is a light blue shiny wings on the back, the back style is also a flash of cuteness!
  • Costumes that match the blue sky and plants are also recommended to take pictures in sunny parks and flower fields.

        ☆ ☆ This product is not included nuiMOs Plush Doll. Please note that it will be sold separately. ☆ ☆

        • Size: Vertical about 17 × 10 × thickness 4 (cm)

                Photo credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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