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Sanrio - Summer Cool - Ice Bag x Cinnamoroll

$33.00 USD

Cool down the heat smartly☆

Easy icing with ice and cold water after sports and leisure.

  • Convenient to use repeatedly
  • Large water injection port that allows easy entry of ice
  • Screw type (with packing) to prevent water leakage
  • ★How to use★
    ①Open the cap and add ice and a small amount of water
    ②Air inside Remove it as much as possible and close the cap firmly
    ③ Apply it to the part you want to cool
  • Size: About 15 × 15 × 3.5 cm
            Mouthpiece size: Caliber about 65 mm
  • Materials: Cap: Polystyrene,
                    Mouth: Aluminum,
                    Packing: Vinyl chloride resin,
                    Fabric: Polyester/Cotton (Inside: PVC)


Photo credit: Sanrio Japan

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