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JP x BM - Desktop type USB-AC port with multiple charge -

$80.00 USD

New & Exclusive Desktop type USB-AC port with multiple charge are released in Japan Today!This item is a cute design that adapts to the interior, it is a USB port that can collect multiple recharge clearly. 

  • Easy to use. Connect this product with the supplied outlet. Just charge the various devices with your USB charging cable.
  • It can charge up to five cars with one outlet. The maximum total output is 8 A, and "smart IC" loaded with the optimum current for that equipment is loaded.
  • It is 100-240 V correspondence, it can be used for travel and business trip destination. And Disney's book type design is cute! It is cute even if it is placed vertically or sideways. Because it fits in one hand, it is convenient to carry.

● Main body size: Width of about 7.4, depth of about 3.2, height of about 11 cm
● Product weight / about 214 g
● Main material / Polycarbonate, ABS resin
● PSE mark acquired already
● Input voltage: AC100V - 240V / 1A
● Output voltage: 5V / 8 A (when using 5 ports), 5 V / 2.4 A (when using 1 port)
● Accessories / power cable (about 153 cm)
● Made in China


Photo Credit: キャッシュ

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