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JP x BM - Foldable Container

$63.00 USD

New & Exclusive Foldable Containers are released in Japan Today!

  • Size when used / About 25 × 35 × 17 (height) cm (when folded: about 25 × 35 × 4.2 (thickness) cm) 
  • Load carrying weight / about 5 kg (per piece) 
  • Capacity / Approximately 11.8 lite
  • Made in Japan

  • Combination Free cute container box.
  • Even without a shelf, stacking along the wall can be used like storage furniture. 
  • Instead of stuffing and hiding things, you can show it moderately and store it well, so you can quickly get out when you need it, and the space is also refreshing! 
  • Bottles such as scooping detergents and children's toy troubled by the place are good at picking up if there is a container. 
  • Also in A4 size documents, magazines, old newspapers. Also active in storing small items such as bags and hats that are easy tベルメゾンネットはo collapse. 
  • Because it fits neatly in the gap under the shelf, if you fold it up, you will not be jammed when you do not use it. 
  • Easy to carry because it is easy to hold lightly. Because it is made of resin, you can wash it with dirt. Pile up to 4 stages OK.

Photo Credit:  ベルメゾンネットは

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