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JP x BM - Flexible smartphone stand

$47.00 USD

New & Exclusive Flexible smartphone stand is released in Japan!!

How to use Various ♪ Since both hands are available, it also works during work

Unique flexible stand designed Mickey Mouse hand. 
With both hands with anti-slip, we hold the smartphone firmly. 
It features a freely deformable arm and a holder that can be adjusted to the desired angle. 
While sleeping in bed, enjoying watching movies at your favorite height while enjoying relaxing tea. 
Since both hands are open, we are active in cooking, shooting movies, office. 
It can be used in various scenes, it is a convenient and cute item.

● Total Length Approximately 67 cm 
● Hand Portion / Approximately 12.3 x 6 x 7 (Height) cm 

Photo credit:  ベルメゾンネットは 

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