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JP x BM - All-Over Printed Ice Bags Collection -

$25.00 USD

New & Exclusive All-Over Printed Ice Bags Collection are released in Japan!!

  • In the summer, we have to take proper measures against heat stroke ... Although there is an image of a hailfish when you are injured, a cute hailfish with a Disney pattern appears. By all means, please bring ice water with you when going out with your child.
  • It will cool down just by giving it to a sweaty child.
  • Small size, easy to carry and cute design, perfect for going out. Of course, it is also great for sports icing and injuries.
  • S size: Approximately 15 cm
  • M size: Approximately 21 cm
  • Main material / cap: ABS resin, packing: Silicone rubber, Clasp: Polypropylene / aluminum, Outer material: Polyester, Lining: Polyvinyl chloride

Photo credit:  ベルメゾンネットは 

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