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JDS - Winnie the Pooh Roller Massager

$49.00 USD

New & Exclusive Chip Roller Massager is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!

  • Loosen and massage. A beauty roller with a cute handle designed by Pooh.
  • A charming design with an eye-catching stuffed toy handle. Grasp the handle part, sandwich the chin, arms, legs, etc. with the roller part, and slowly rotate the roller to massage.
  • While watching a video or reading a magazine, you can roll with one hand. You can easily massage ♪ The stuffed animal part is removable.
  • Size:
    • Package: Height approx. 27 x Width 7.5 x Depth 7 (cm)
    • Body: Length approx. 23 x Width 9 x Thickness 6.5 (cm)
  • Material: Resin / Polyester


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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