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JDS - Winnie the Pooh Bee Sanitization Hand Spray

$25.00 USD

Exclusive Sanitization Hand Spray is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • A hand spray containing moisturizing ingredients. Pooh's design is now available.
  • A convenient hand spray for when you can't wash your hands when you're out and about. Shake the container lightly and spray an appropriate amount about 10 cm away from your hand. After applying it to your fingers, wipe off the dirt or wash it off.
  • It's a neat and thin container, so you can carry it around in a mini bag without being bulky on the day you go out. It is convenient to carry it with you at all times, such as when walking, outdoors, or in public places.
  • Size: Length about 10 x Width 5.7 x Thickness 1.7 (cm)
  • Material: Container (Plastic)

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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