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JDS - UniBEARsity x Tangled - Tote Bag with Passcase

$79.00 USD

This adorable UniBEARsity x Tangled Collection is going to release on Nov 16, 2018. 


  • Bag: about H28 × W40 × D14.5 (cm) 
  • Possession (top length of a handle from the bag top): about 17 (cm) 
  • Case: about L10.5 × W7.5 × D0.5 (cm) 
  • Chain Length: about 15 (cm)


【Please be careful! 】
★ Please do not put excessively heavy things, please avoid forced packing. It may cause damage. 
★ Please do not pull strongly or store sharp or sharp objects. It may cause damage. 
★ Color may be discolored due to wetting with water, sweat, friction, direct sunlight etc. Please be careful enough for contact with a light color one. 
★ This product is wrinkle, scratches, cracks and peeling are likely to occur, so please be careful with handling. 
★ Because of the nature of the material, this product may deteriorate with the lapse of time, peel off the coating or yellow it. 
★ Please note that this product is subject to discoloration if it is used for a long time under high temperature, high humidity condition and direct sunlight, light under the characteristics of the material
★. In addition, please do not keep it in close contact with plastic bags, leather products, vinyl products, printed products etc because it is easy to transfer color to other materials. 
★ We use long cords. Because there is a danger of getting tangled, please keep it out of reach of young children. 
★ We are using magnets. Please note that it may occasionally cause functional abnormality when approaching watch or magnetic recording type products. 
★ Please be careful enough to get caught because the thread from embroidery is looped. 
★ When using, please be aware of friction and caught with belt and accessories. 
★ There are small parts. Please do not put in the mouth absolutely. There is danger of accidental ingestion, suffocation, etc.

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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