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JDS - UniBEARsity x Tangled - Small Coin Pouch

$17.00 USD

This adorable UniBEARsity x Tangled Collection is going to release on Nov 16, 2018. 

Size: about H7.5 × W11.8 × D5 (cm)

【Please be careful! 】
★ Colors may be discolored due to water wetness, sweat, friction etc. Please be careful enough for contact with a light color one. 
★ Please note that due to material characteristics, if you bring them into contact with the same material, leather goods, printed products for a long time, the disappearance of gloss, sticking, color transfer will result. 
★ Polyurethane resin processed products may deteriorate with the lapse of time, peel off the coating or yellow. 
★ There are sharp parts on the design. Please handle with care. 
★ Please keep in mind when storing valuables. 
★ There may be a smell peculiar to the material. Please note.


Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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