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JDS - UniBEARsity x Tangled - Plush Toy x Rapunzel

$92.00 USD

This adorable UniBEARsity x Tangled Collection is going to release on Nov 16, 2018. 

Grenzen Rose from UniBEARsity, who is Disney Princess Rapunzel's teddy bear counterpart.

Her body images radiant hair color of Rapunzel, which is beautiful and elegant. The three-braiding style which treated plenty of flower decoration is unique to Grenzen Rose. Also, there is a foot emblem limited to "Tangled". 

Size: about H30 × W27 × D23.5 (cm)

【Please be careful! 
★ Color may be discolored due to water wetness, sweat, friction etc. 
★ Because of the nature of the material, a part of the fiber may come off. 
★ It is made finely and delicate on the design. Please be handle careful.
★ Tiara and cape included are dedicated to plush toys. Please do not use for young children and pets etc. There is a fear of an unexpected accident. 
★ We use long cords. Because there is a danger of getting tangled, please be careful not to wrap young children on the body, neck, etc. 
★ There is a plastic part on the design. Please be careful not to put this product in a position to touch the face and body at bedtime. 
★ We are using rhinestones. Please be aware that the decorated part may fall off due to snagging, friction or the like. 
★ We are using wire. There is a danger of injury, please do not bend force. 
★ Please note that the tip is sharp.

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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