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JDS - UniBEARsity x Tangled - Hair Ties Set

$41.00 USD

This adorable UniBEARsity x Tangled Collection is going to release on Nov 16, 2018. 


  • Rubber diameter: Approximately 5 (cm) 
  • Grenzen Rose: about L8.5 × W5.5 × D3.5 (cm) 
  • Freund: about L4.5 × W5.5 × D3.5 (cm) 
  • Frink: about L4.5 × W5.5× D4 (cm)
【Please be careful! 】
★ Because rubber may be tangled, please do not wind around fingers and body etc. It is dangerous that blood will not pass. 
★ We are using plastic parts. Please be aware that the decorated part may fall off due to snagging, friction or the like. 
★ Due to water wetness, sweat, friction, etc., color fading, color transfer may occur. Please be careful enough for contact with a light color one. 
★ There are sharp parts on the design. Please handle with care. 
★ It is made finely and delicate on the design. Please be careful when handling it if it is impossible to handle it as it may damage the product. 
★ Because of the nature of the material, a part of the fiber may come off. Please note. 
★ Depending on your constitution, itching and rash may occur. When you feel abnormal skin, please stop using and consult a specialist.


Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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