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JDS - UniBEARsity Plush Toy (SS) x Forky

$68.00 USD

Exclusive UniBEARsity Plush Toy (SS) x Forky is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!!

  • UniBearsity appears from Disney & Pixar's work "Toy Story 4". A stuffed spoke with the image of a toy character, folky, made with a spork.
  • A bear with a white fluffy body and catchy red hands. The charming features of the folky handmade by the human girl Bonnie, such as the upright hair that imaged the "tip" of a spork, the odd-eyed cats with different colors on the left and right, and the distorted mouth, are reproduced charmingly. Also pay attention to the sole emblem limited to the 4 ”series. The "PU" logo is embroidered from the initials of "PIXAR UniBEARsity"!
  • Please enjoy the bear full of Disney & Pixar characters and the charm of UniBearsity at your fingertips.
  • Size: Height approx. 22 x width 18 x depth 12 (cm)
  • Material: Character body (polyester) / button (polyester resin)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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