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JDS - Unibearsity - Plush Costume x Doll Festival (Color: Pink)

$83.00 USD

New & Exclusive Plush Costume x Doll Festival (Color: Pink) is released at Japan Disney Store!

  • Recommended for girl bears. A doll-like costume for UniBearsity appears.
    A wonderful costume set made with special attention to materials and patterns. There are 5 luxury items: haori, hakama, underwear, crown, and folding fan. Elegant pink haori decorated with cherry blossoms, accented by dark pink hakama. The golden shine of the crown and fan adds glamor. Come to your existing UniBearsity.
    UniBearsity's costume also has an inside and back style design (sold separately). Please decorate and enjoy it together ♪
  • Haori (Karagi): Approximately 26 x 38 x 2 (cm)
    underwear (small sleeves): 11.5 x 33 x 1.5 (cm)
    Hakama: 22 x 27 x 1.5 (cm)
    Crown: Height approx. 6.5 x width 10.5 x thickness 0.3 (cm)
    Fan: approx. 14 x width 12 x thickness 0.3 (cm)
  • Materials: Main body material (polyester / nylon)


    Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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