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JDS - UniBearsity Plush Costume x Boo

$72.00 USD

Exclusive UniBearsity Plush Costume is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!!

  • A costume for UniBearsity is now available from "Monsters, Inc." It is a costume inspired by the "monster costume" that Boo wore during the work.
  • Boo, a girl from "Monsters, Inc." The funny "Monster Costume" that I wore in the film has been reproduced with a lot of attention! The details such as the squishy eyes, hair, and scale-like texture are just like the real thing. If you wear a hood, it will transform into a charming one from your head to
    your toes.
  • Size: Approximately 35 x 23 x 3 (cm) thick
  • Material: Main body main material (polyester)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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