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JDS - UniBEARsity 10th ANNIVERSARY 3rd Series x UniBEARsity Multi-model compatible smartphone case / cover Crystal Art

$76.00 USD

New & Exclusive UniBEARsity 10th ANNIVERSARY 3rd Series is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!

  • UniBearsity celebrates its 10th anniversary. Introducing a multi-model compatible smartphone cover with a special feeling.
  • A notebook-type smartphone cover with a BOOK motif in which the anniversary logo is embossed. When you open the flap as if you were opening the cover, you will see a lot of wonderful UniBearsity art inside. It is a crystal art design with the famous scene of UniBearsity Story in a hexagon!
  • The shape of the mirror is also hexagonal ♪ It is a smartphone cover that has an inner pocket and is perfect for design and usability.
  • Size: Length about 16 x width 9.5 x thickness 2 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    * Estimated storage size: Height maximum 160 (mm) x Width maximum 90 (mm) x Thickness maximum 10 (mm) * Please check the smartphone size.
    * Magnet opening / closing type / inner pocket x 1, card holder x 2, mirror x 1
    [Please check before purchase]
    <Material for notebook type smartphone case>
    Material that can be pasted as it is: Plastic / Metal / Aluminum (iPhone) 6, 7)
    Materials that are difficult to attach as they are: Resin / glass (iPhone 8, X, XS, 11 / Xperia, etc.)
    * If you are using a smartphone made of a material that is difficult to attach, put it in a hard case, etc. Please use.

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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