JDS - Toy Story x ARTIST COLLECTION by Sebastian Masuda - Camera Strap

$45.00 USD

New & Exclusive Toy Story x ARTIST COLLECTION by Sebastian Masuda will be released at Japan Disney Store on Aug 27, 2019!

  • A camera strap that is too cute for the “Toy Story” series.
  • Sebastian Masuda is an artist / art director who leads the kawaii culture of Harajuku. A fantastic design that matches his colorful view of the world with the toy world of Toy Story. Prints filled with colorful objects such as characters, plastic parts, and toys should become more addictive as you see them!
  • A lens cap or SD card can be inserted in the accessory case printed with the logo. Make sure that it is compatible with your camera. 
  • Size: Strap: Width approx. 3.8 (cm) / Length approx. 70 (cm) 
    Tip tape: Width approx. 0.8 (cm) / Length approx. 30 (cm) 
    Cap holder: About vertical 9.8 * side 9.8 (cm)
  • [Specifications] 
    * Cap holder (magnet button opening / closing type) x1 
    * Load capacity: 5kg 
    * Strap for single-lens reflex camera with 8mm strap hole width. 

    Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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