JDS - The Little Mermaid 30th Collection - Smart Phone Case

$62.00 USD

New & Exclusive "The Little Mermaid 30th Collection" will be released at Japan Disney Store on July 9, 2019!

  • A multi-model compatible smartphone cover filled with the charms of Disney Princess Ariel.
  • "The Little Mermaid" celebrates its 30th anniversary from theatrical release. I drew Ariel's precious model art on a white canvas. Light blue accents and is finished fresh. Gold shell parts add a sense of richness.
  • Inside is equipped with a shell mirror and a card pocket. To the point where Flounder is cute. Not only the design but also the ease of use is a perfect item!
  • Size: Vertical about 15.1 × horizontal 10.3 × thickness 2 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    * Estimated storage size: maximum height 140 (mm) × width maximum 75 (mm) × thickness maximum 9 (mm) ※ Please check the size of your smartphone.
    * Magnet button opening / closing type / inside pocket × 1, insert the card × 3, mirror × 1
            Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store


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