JDS - The Little Mermaid 30th Collection - iPhone Cable Bite - Flounder

$21.00 USD

New & Exclusive "The Little Mermaid 30th Collection" will be released at Japan Disney Store on July 9, 2019!

  • Flounder pulls the iPhone. Accessories for iPhone genuine lighting cable.
    The Flounder appeared in the now popular cable accessories! Attach it to the connector part of the lightning cable. A playful playful accessory that looks like it's biting on the iPhone. Not only looks cute, it is a Flounder that can also protect the open circuit of the cable.
    Let's decorate the mobile items that can not be released every day with Disney design cutely!
  • Size: Body: Height about 2 × Width 1.8 × Depth 3.5 (cm)
  • 【Please be careful! ]
    ★ This product is an accessory that decorates the iPhone genuine Lightning cable. It can not be used for other cables.
          Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store


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