JDS - The Little Mermaid 30th Collection - Camera Strap

$43.00 USD

New & Exclusive "The Little Mermaid 30th Collection" will be released at Japan Disney Store on July 9, 2019!

  • A camera strap filled with the charms of "Little Mermaid", which celebrates its 30th anniversary from theatrical release.
  • We design precious model art of Ariel and Flanders on white strap. It is finished with adult cuteness to accent fresh blue light. If you put the tip tape in the strap hole of the camera, the simple camera will transform into a fashionable one. There is an accessory case into which the lens cap and SD card can be put.
  • Please check if it corresponds to your camera. 
  • Size: Strap: Width approximately 3.8 (cm) / length approximately 70 (cm)
    Tip tape: Width approximately 0.8 (cm) / length approximately 30 (cm)
    Cap holder: Length approximately 9.8 × width 10 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    * Cap holder (Magnet button open / close type) x 1
    * Load capacity: 5 (kg)
    * Strap hole width is a strap for single-lens reflex camera with 8 mm type.
          Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store


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