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JDS - The Little Mermaid 2021 x Ariel Smartphone Ring

$43.00 USD

New & Exclusive The Little Mermaid 2021 Collection will be released at Japan Disney Store on June 25, 2021~~!!

  • Ariel-designed smartphone ring with the image of a beautiful sea world.
  • Ariel drawn on a plate in the shape of a shell. Colorful coral colors Ariel gorgeously. The transparent design will make you feel excited every time you use it ♪
  • If you stick it on your smartphone case, it will instantly create a refreshing atmosphere. It is a convenient item that makes it easy to change the image and makes it easier to hold your smartphone.
  • Size:
    • Package: Length about 12.2 x Width 8.1 x Thickness 1 (cm)
    • Body: Length about 3.5 x Width 3.4 x Thickness 0.8 (cm)
  • [Please check before purchase]
    <Material for smartphone case>
    Usable TPU / glass: There is a risk of falling if you swing it strongly.
    Silicon: not available


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store 

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