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JDS - Stitch Kimochikko Plush Toy

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Exclusive Kimochikko Plush Toy Collection will be released at Japan Disney Store on Jan 25~!

  • A palm-sized stuffed animal "Kimochikko". You can see the Stitch plush toy with a pink heart.
  • A stuffed animal that can convey your feelings to your loved ones. A cute and fluffy character will convey your feelings. In addition to conveying your feelings to the other party, you can also gently hide your feelings in the character.
  • The stuffed animal comes with a pink heart-shaped paper that expresses "feelings." Write a message on the heart-shaped paper with an oil-based pen and give it as a gift, or write down your thoughts and use it. It's cute even if you lay it under a stuffed animal and decorate it ♪
  • Size: Height approx. 7 x width 9.5 x depth 6 (cm)
  • Material: Polyester

     Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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