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JDS - Sticking Pair Plush Keychains - Donald & Daisy Duck

$45.00 USD

New & Exclusive Sticking Pair Plush Keychains - Winnie the Pooh & Piglet is released at Japan Disney Store!

  • A close pair of cheeks. Donald & Daisy plush keychain.
  • Donald and Daisy are cutely deformed. When Donald's left cheek, Daisy's right cheek, and the two cheeks approach, they stick together! Donald's arm is attached to Daisy's shoulder, and the back style changes with the position of the character's arm ♪ Since the
  • ball chain is attached to each, you can have a pair with important people such as family and lover.
  • Full length (each): about 16.3 (cm)
    Character part (each): height about 10.3 x width 6.7 x depth 3.6 (cm)
    chain (each): length about 14 (cm)
  • Chain (each): Length of about 14 (cm)
  • materials: Main material: polyester, magnet


Photo Credit: Japan Disney Resort

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