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JDS - "Sleeping in the Hand Palms" x Thumper Plush Toy

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Exclusive "Sleeping in the Hand Palms" Plush Toy Collection will be released at Japan Disney Store on May 16~!

  • Disney Store stuffed toy series "Tenohira Nenne". Introducing Thumper , who sleeps in the palm of your hand.
  • Little Thumper sleeps in a prone pose with both hands as pillows. Beads are placed in the belly, giving it a comfortable weight. The soft touch is also a point.
  • The gentle color makes it look warm. It's a soothing stuffed toy that once you put it in your palm, you won't want to take it off.
  • Size: Height approx. 11 x Width 6.5 x Depth 12.5 (cm)
  • Material: Polyester


Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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