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JDS - Retro Donald Duck Ice Cream Spoon

$22.00 USD

Exclusive Ice Cream Spoon is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!

  • An ice cream spoon with cute retro illustrations.
  • An aluminum spoon made to taste ice cream deliciously. Due to the heat conduction effect of aluminum, the body temperature of the hand holding the spoon melts the ice cream.
  • Even hard ice cream with a tick melts quickly and can be scooped up and eaten ♪
  • A wide handle that quickly transfers heat, a slightly deeper plate that makes it easy to put ice cream, and the tip of the spoon touches the table even if it is placed directly It is a special shape to enjoy ice cream deliciously.
  • Size:
    • Package: Length approx. 18 x Width 6.2 x Thickness 1.2 (cm)
    • Body: Length approx. 12 x Width 2.5 x Thickness 1 (cm)
  • Material: Body (aluminum alloy)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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