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JDS - Plush Keychain x Tissue Case - Winnie the Pooh

$46.00 USD

New & Exclusive Plush Keychain x Tissue Case is released at Japan Disney Store Today!

  • Winnie the Pooh’s stuffed keychain that turns into a pocket tissue case. 
  • Winnie the Pooh has a cute pose as if lying down. The fluffy gentle touch is also irresistible. It is healed just by looking at the cute design ♪ It can store pocket tissue, so if you attach it to a bag etc. it can be taken out immediately and it is convenient! 
  • It is an item that can carry a simple pocket tissue cutely. Enjoy your favorite character and outing!
  • Full length: approx. 25 (cm)
    Character: length approx. 21 x width 12 x thickness 9.5 (cm)
    Chain: length approx. 11 (cm)
  • Material: polyester

    * Tissue pocket x 1
    * Corresponding size (standard): Up to 80 x 120 (mm)


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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