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JDS - Photo Booth/Shooting Stick x Chip & Dale

$30.00 USD

New & Exclusive at Japan Disney Store!

  • Posing die-cut plate with open arms. Because it is a standard character design, it can be used regardless of the season! Because it is made of acrylic with a beautiful transparency, the characters' feet and edges are less noticeable, making it easier to shoot with a camera. When carrying around, fold and compact. Carry like a key ring.
  • Enjoy more of the camera and SNS with Disney characters ♪
  • Total length: About 20.8 (cm) When
    used: Maximum length about 26 (cm)
    Character: Vertical about 9 × Side 10.5 × Thickness 0.3 (cm)
  • Body (PMMA) / Packing (PVC)

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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