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JDS - Otona Summer 2021 x Chip & Dale Pillow

$72.00 USD

New & Exclusive Otona Summer 2021 is released at Japan Disney Store Today!~

  • Japanese taste that feels summer. The rush pillow is now available in Chip & Dale design.
  • Pillows made from rush, which is the material of tatami mats. You can enjoy the cool and silky feel of tatami mats and the natural scent of grass. It is a good size that is also recommended for a nap.
  • The combination of characters and sunflowers is perfect for the coming season. By all means for a relaxing time in summer.
  • Size: Length about 17 x width 32 x thickness 12 (cm)
  • Material: Side material (rush) / Middle material (polyethylene) / Printed fabric (polyester)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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