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JDS - nuiMOs Outfit x Yukata Striped Boy

$67.00 USD

New & Exclusive nuiMOs Outfit x T-shirt Set Outdoor will be released at Japan Disney Store on June 7!!

  • Introducing a yukata with a vertical stripe pattern. A costume exclusively for the "cool and cute" fashion model "nui MOs" in the stuffed toy world.
  • Yukata design with a modern impression of indigo. You can enjoy a cool and elegant dress that matches the color of the clogs and uchiwa at your feet. The uchiwa has a morning glory pattern.
  • Enjoy wearing your own stuffed animals and creating memories of the season ♪
  • ☆ ☆ This product is not included nuiMOs Plush Doll. Please note that it will be sold separately. ☆ ☆
  • Size:
    • Yukata: Length about 10 x Width 13 x Thickness 1 (cm)
    • Belt: Length about 1.4 x Width 7.5 x Thickness 2 (cm)
    • Geta (each): Height about 2.5 x Width 4 x Depth 5 (cm)
    • Uchiwa: Length about 7.2 x width 5.2 x thickness 0.7 (cm)
  • Material: Polyester


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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