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HKDL/JDS - nuiMOs collection - Plush x Eeyore

$34.00 USD

Eeyore can pose and freely wear your favorite clothes. This stuffed animal is the "cool and cute" fashion model of the stuffed toy world. Winnie the Pooh appeared cute deformed face! 

Since there are wires in the body, you can take various poses. Let's sit down, lie down, pair up with other characters (sold separately), embrace each other, or pose exceptionally! Face upwards are extremely cute when taking pictures! 

Eeyore is in a size that you can take anywhere. It is also good to take memories shots with them outdoor! There are fashionable special costume available which is sold separately. 


  • Height about 15.5 × width 10.5 × depth 13.5 (cm)

     Photo credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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