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JDS - nuiMOs Plush Hat & Hat Black Dot Ribbon

$28.00 USD

New & Exclusive Plush toy accessories are released at Japan Disney Store Today!

  • A hat for exclusive use of the nuiMOs fashion model, a kawaii fashion model from the stuffed world. Design with dot pattern ribbon.
  • Elegant atmosphere with rounded crown. An adult cute point with a sheer dot pattern ribbon wrapped around the brim. It is a little bigger ribbon that slightly protrudes from the brim ♪ By
  • all means update to the usual stuffy fashion. One item plus and enjoy the fashion more ♪
  • Size: Body: Height approx. 3 x width 9.5 x depth 11.5 (cm)
  • Materials: polyester

☆ ☆ This product is not included nuiMOs Plush Doll. Please note that it will be sold separately. ☆ ☆


 Photo credit: Japan Disney Store Official Website

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