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JDS - Nick Wilde Magnet Band

$19.00 USD

New & Exclusive Magnet Band is released at Japan Disney Store today~!

  • Nick Wilde's face design. Magnet band.
  • A convenient and cute item that can be rolled up and pasted. You can attach a key to make it a key chain, or wrap the mouth of a candy bag and close it, then just put it in the front door or refrigerator. The magnet of the character part sticks to the steel surface.
  • The silicone rubber band fits well with pens, cables, and other items of various thicknesses. It can be neatly bundled together. Since the character is a landmark, it is also recommended as a marking tag for umbrellas and PET bottles!
  • Package: Length about 14.4 x Width 8.5 x Thickness 1 (cm)
  • Body (each): Length about 9.1 x Width 2.2 x Thickness 0.5 (cm)
  • Material: Body (silicone rubber) / magnet (neodymium magnet)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store 

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