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JDS - Neck Cushion x Stitch (Ears Movable)

$70.00 USD

New & Exclusive Neck Cushion x Stitch (Ears Movable) is released at Japan Disney Store Today!

  • Stitched hooded neck pillow that makes you smile.
  • Stitch face design with funny looks. When you push both ends of the neck pillow, your ears will snap! Make a smile with a unique mechanism.
  • Not only does the pillow gently support your neck, but you can also relax your face by wearing a hood! He / she seems to play an active part in trip destination and the car on the move.
  • Size: About 30 × length 47 × thickness 12 (cm)
  • Materials:Polyester / Polyurethane


Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store


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