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$45.00 USD

Exclusive MUCCHI POCCHI Plush Toy is released at Japan Disney Store Today~

  • The point is a unique and illusionary body. Lotso's "MUCCHI POCCHI" plush toys are now available.
  • Lotso with a cute two-headed body. The plump feeling that makes you feel happy and full of energy is attractive. The stuffed toy is filled with the message, "Don't rush, don't rush, and look straight ahead." When you're dented, try pushing Mutchipoch tightly from above. The dented whippocchi gets up slowly and swollen.
  • It's a stuffed animal that can be fun and depressed, and will be close to you every day.
  • Size: Height approx. 14.5 x width 12.5 x depth 11.2 (cm)
  • Material: Character body (polyester)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store 

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