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JDS - Minnie Mouse UV Cut Cool Towel (Canned)

$35.00 USD

Exclusive UV Cut Cool Towel (Canned) is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • Cool in 3 easy steps. Introducing a cool towel designed by Minnie Mouse.
  • Inside the steel can case is an elegant cool towel. The calm pink damask pattern gives an adult-like impression.
  • Wet the towel with water, squeeze it, and shake it vigorously to lower the temperature of the dough and make it cooler! Recommended for heat measures such as heat stroke prevention. Since it has a UV cut function, it can also be used as a measure against UV rays.
  • Size:
    • Can case: Height approx. 12.5 x Diameter 6.5 (cm)
    • Towel: Length approx. 30 x Width 100 (cm)
  • Material: Towel (polyester) / container (steel)

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store 

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