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JDS - Japan Culture Plush Toy x Stitch

$85.00 USD

New & Exclusive  Japan Culture Chirimen-style will be released at Japan Disney Store on Jan 25, 2021 (USA Time)~~!

  • Stitch plush toy in a happi coat.
  • Coordinated with a blue belt and headband on a happi coat with a checkered pattern. The word "festival" is designed on the uchiwa held in the hand. Kimono full of festive mood suits Stitch.
  • If you decorate your room, it will give you an accent that makes you feel "Japanese". It is also recommended to align with other characters in the same series (sold separately).
  • Size: Height approx. 28.5 x width 26.5 x depth 13 (cm)
  • Material: Body / clothes / batting (polyester) / Uchiwa (PET / polyester)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store



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