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JDS - Hug & Smile Plush Toy & Blanket Set - Stitch & Scrump

$78.00 USD

New & Exclusive Hug & Smile Plush Toy & Blanket Set is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!!

  • Stitch and Scrump hug tightly. A blanket that relieves your mind and body is now available.
  • Stitch and Scrump with a smile hug the rolled blanket. It is a lovely design that will heal you just by placing it ♪ Botanical illustrations and happy characters are printed on the blanket. It is moist and gentle to the touch.
  • When you feel chilly, such as in the office or in a moving car, or as a measure against poor circulation.
  • size:
    Overall: Height approx. 28.5 x Width 27 x Depth 20.5 (cm)
    Blanket: Length approx. 70 x Width 100 (cm)
    Stitch: Height approx. 16.2 x Width 13.5 x Depth 23 (cm)
    Scrump: Height approx. 16 x Width 9.4 × Depth 12.7 (cm)
  • Material: Polyester


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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