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JDS - Health & Beauty Tool x Lady Makeup Brush Pouch

$63.00 USD

Exclusive Health & Beauty Tool Collection x Lady is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • From "Wanwan Monogatari", adult cute items for ladies are now available. A set of makeup brushes and a pouch.
  • Makeup brushes and combs with character designs on the handles of each. The smooth brush touches your skin comfortably, and it seems to improve the finish of your makeup.
  • Comes with a pouch made of leather-like material depicting a lady. It can be stored neatly and compactly, making it convenient to carry.
  • Size:
    • Package: Length approx. 23.5 x Width 11 x Thickness 1.5 (cm)
    • Pouch: Height approx. 19 x Width 9 x Thickness 0.8 (cm)
    • Powder Brush: Length approx. 15 x Width 2.5 x Thickness 1.5 (cm)
    • Cheek Brush: Length approx. 14.5 x Width 2.5 x Thickness 1.5 (cm)
    • Eye shadow brush: Length about 13.7 x Width 1.2 x Thickness 0.8 (cm)
    • Concealer brush: Length about 13.2 x Width 1 x Thickness 0.8 (cm)
    • Eyebrow comb: Length about 13.5 × width 2.7 × thickness 0.8 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    * Pouch: Snap button closure type

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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