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JDS - Goofy Style Collection x Goofy Cushion

$70.00 USD

New & Exclusive Goofy Style Collection will be released at Japan Disney Store on April 22 (USA Time)~~~!!

  • Introducing cushions, catchy items that allow you to fully enjoy Goofy's dandy charm.
  • Double-sided specifications with a face designed with the character face up and a design aligned like an icon. Both are cool Goofy prints with a broken hat!
  • Cushions that can change the atmosphere just by placing them in the room are recommended for a little remodeling. There is no decoration and it is soft and comfortable to use, so it can be used as a nap pillow.
  • Size: Length about 40 x width 61 x thickness 16 (cm)
  • Material: Front / Back (Polyester / Polyurethane) / Filling (Polyester)


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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