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JDS - Goofy Name Logo Mini Towel

$43.00 USD

Exclusive KAFUN 2022 Collection is released at Japan Disney Store Today~

  • Introducing Mickey's stuffed toy key chain with plenty of humor and the image of the pollen season.
  • Involuntarily close your eyes, Kushun! Mickey in sneezing glasses is humorous. If Disney characters with the same worries are together, they may be able to survive the pollen season brightly.
  • A stuffed toy key chain with a unique and fun design. Recommended for accenting your bag or key.
  • Size:
    • Overall length: Approximately 21 (cm)
    • Character: Height approximately 17 x Width 15 x Depth 7.5 (cm)
    • Chain: Length approximately 14 (cm)
  • Material: Polyester


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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